ITS World Congress Startup Stream: Bluecity’s Next Adventure

The ITS World Congress is scheduled to take place in Hamburg, Germany from October 11-15, 2021. It is the world’s largest event focusing on smart mobility and the digitalization of transportation. The event celebrates Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and serves as a platform to support growth of the smart mobility industry through education, thought leadership and business development. Attendees will hear from leading industry experts, learn about the emerging technologies in ITS, and discover future technological advances.

One of this year’s most exciting places will be a designated exhibition area and programme sponsored by the ERTICO Start-up Initiative. Companies needed to apply for exhibition space in the Start-up area and we’re happy to announce that Bluecity’s application was accepted. This means we’ll be heading to Germany in the fall.

This opportunity will provide Bluecity a platform to promote our IndiGO traffic solution, an innovative platform that collects multimodal traffic data in real-time during any weather or lighting conditions. The Start-up space will be similar to an innovation hub within the larger ITS Congress. Exhibiting start-ups will participate in pitching sessions, attend panel discussions and benefit from match-making opportunities with German industry and other companies in the mobility sector. We will be sharing more information as the event approaches.

The ITS World Congress is an excellent way to showcase Bluecity’s traffic solution for municipalities and consulting firms. Bluecity is committed to making streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with a traffic data platform that combines lidar technology and artificial intelligence to provide real-time traffic data and analytics. We envision a world where traffic accidents are rare, driving to work is a pleasure and carbon emissions are reduced. To learn more about Bluecity visit our website

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