Is Your Traffic Data Solution in Compliance with GDPR?

The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. The law extends to all companies processing data of EU residents, including businesses based in North America. GDPR creates a new set of digital rights that enables individuals to control their personal data.

This broader definition of personal data includes information that can be gathered by certain types of traffic data solutions, particularly those that use video cameras. These cameras capture and record people’s faces as well as vehicle license plates, both of which can identify residents. So, if your city is using this type of solution, GDPR will indicate what must be done with the data. Audits, encryption, consent processes and more are all part of the procedures that must be created and implemented in order to comply with the law.

The good news is that it is possible to collect multi-modal traffic data while still respecting citizen privacy by using a technology other than video. For example, lidar technology captures real-time traffic data by using eye-safe laser beams to create a representation of the surveyed area that doesn’t include people’s faces or vehicle licence plates. The data that is captured and stored cannot identity citizens so compliance with GDPR is a non-issue. A lidar sensor can be installed and maintained easily and quickly, and in most cases, only one sensor is needed to cover an entire intersection. What’s more, unlike camera-based systems, lidar can capture data in any kind of lighting or weather conditions.

So, while lidar offers many advantages over camera-based systems, a solution that combines lidar technology with artificial intelligence becomes even more powerful. Bluecity’s solution for example, combines lidar and AI to provide you with safety analytics, easy-to-understand visualization of data, and the ability to quickly and efficiently leverage ATSPMs. Moreover, it can connect to existing traffic control systems to reduce congestion. Of course, a huge advantage is that the data is non-identifying, so GDPR compliance is automatic – no hoops to jump through, no potential fines to worry about.

Bluecity is committed to making streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists by offering municipalities and consulting firms our IndiGO traffic solution. IndiGO is a multimodal traffic data platform that combines lidar technology and artificial intelligence to capture real-time traffic data and provide ATSPM analytics to optimize intersections. We envision a world where traffic accidents are rare, driving to work is a pleasure and carbon emissions are reduced. To learn more about the Bluecity iQ platform, visit our website.

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